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Find the power of your voice with our AI-powered speaking skills feedback tool, and ace your sales pitches, interviews, and 1:1 meetings. Uplevel your communication skills and become a confident, persuasive speaker and have an impact on your audience.

We help professionals, job candidates, and learners unlock their speaking potential, whether individuals or teams. Visit to learn more about how it works, or subscribe below!


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How it works.

We have built—and will release very soon—a course on Mastering your Speaking Skills. Our course will help you learn about concepts such as voice stability, perceived speaker image, and others, and will offer practical tips and exercises on breathing, enunciation, etc.

Our interVeu technology, integrated with the course, uses sound engineering and AI algorithms to analyse your speaking patterns and give you personalised feedback.

Privacy note: We don’t store any voice recordings, only extracted features (numbers) related to the attributes of your voice.

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Why it works.

At Endurae OÜ we have conducted years of academic and industry research—on Conversational Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, and AI Ethics—which have culminated in interVeu.

interVeu has been part of IMPACT EdTech, an EU-funded incubator-accelerator for European SMEs in digital education. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871275.

You can see the real us in action below, instead of some professional stock photos or some fancy, faceless illustrations. :)

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